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Composting Toilet Biolaneco
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Biolan Icelett
The Biolan Icelett is an odourless, tidy and environmentally friendly toilet.
The Icelett is placed on the floor. It requires neither water nor a sewer to operate ─ just electric power. The operating principle of the unit is to freeze the waste.
The unit cools the waste to -15 degrees Celsius, at which temperature the microbial activity stops. Thanks to the heat lock formed by the condensing air, the Icelett is pleasant to sit on, and the seat does not feel cold.

Biolan Easylett
From the old toilet to modern dry toilet without breaking the inside construction!
- evaporate part of the seep liquid
- collects the seep liquid
- natural ventilation
- odourless and comfortable to use
- convenient and odourless emptying
- long emptying interval

Biolan Populett 200
Biolan Populett 200 is an easy-to-use toilet for places where a toilet is used frequently. The unit is suitable for cottages, tourist destinations, worksites, stopovers and public gatherings. The toilet is available in one size: 200 litres. The Populett can be installed in two different ways, so that it separates either seep liquid or urine. The toilet unit's smooth outer surface is easy to clean. The seat is a comfortable and durable thermal seat. The toilet's efficient natural ventilation ensures the space stays odourless. A cassette-type replacement tank, which enables the waste to be composted in the tank, is available for the unit. The tanks are easy to move using the wheels provided. The toilet is dimensioned so that even a waste truck can be used for emptying it.

Biolan Simplett
Biolan Simplett is an easy and compact dry toilet solution for various uses. Simplett is extremely easy to assemble by just placing it on the floor. It can be used either indoors or in an outhouse, even in very small rooms or cabins thanks to its compact size.

Daily use of Simplett is odorless thanks to its effective, natural ventilation. Simplett is based on the separation of solid waste and liquids which significantly reduces the need of emptying and eliminates smell. The toilet requires neither water nor electricity and can be used in all temperatures. Emptying is easy and light as the waste collects into an internal, removable pail.

Biolan Separating Dry Toilet
The Biolan Separating Dry Toilet is a modern, easy-care and neat dry closet for your holiday home. You can install the Separating Dry Toilet onto an existing floor, and it can be installed as a latrine or in living spaces. The toilet does not require a water or electric connection for operation; using the Biolan Komposti and Huussi Dry Bedding only will suffice.

Composting Toilet Biolaneco

The Composting Toilet Biolaneco is an odourless, tidy and environmentally friendly toilet. The thermally insulated construction of the composter produces compost rapidly and also enables the composting of household waste. Its operating principle is natural so it requires neither water nor electricity supply. The Composting Toilet Biolaneco is manufactured in a factory powered by wind.

Biolan Komplet Dry Toilet
The Biolan Komplet Dry Toilet is an odourless and easy-to-use dry toilet for the country and the summer house. You can easily install the toilet onto a floor, and it can be installed in a separate outhouse or a residential building or used for renovating an old outhouse. Daily use of the Biolan Komplet Dry Toilet is neat and pleasant. It does not require water nor electricity for operation; using the Biolan Komposti and Huussi Dry Bedding only will suffice.